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Acest instrument a fost reproiectat si este acum disponibil intr-o set cu patru pini verticali care ofera posibilitatea de desurubare
Planurile pot fi usor definite cu ajutorul pinilor si a benzii de cauciuc
Usor de folosit

Bite Fork Set

For checking the masticatory plane

The proven Bite Fork has been redesigned and is now available in a set with four vertical pins that can be unscrewed. The various planes can be clearly defined with the vertical pins and the rubber band.

One of the most important parameters in prosthetics is the parallelity between the occlusal plane and Camper's plane or the bipupillaty line. Additional reference planes such as the Frankfort horizontal plane and the axial-orbital plane are easily established.


The Bite Fork Set is a reliable instrument for checking the correct position of the occlusal plane.


  • Easy to use
  • Autoclavable

Delivery scope

1 piece

All parts of the Bite Fork Set can also be ordered individually.

The Bite Fork Set (Bite Fork and Vertical pins) is included in the Clinical Instrument Set. The proven Bite Fork without Vertical pins is included in the Technical Instrument Set.



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